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Select workshop topics:

Leadership 101 – Identify as a Leader

Lead by design, not by default. Learn to act like the leader you want to be. Develop a plan for your leadership growth. Define your leader identity and vision, bring your imposter with you, assess and understand your emotional intelligence, set goals, shift behaviors, step intentionally

into the leader you want to be.

Leadership out of the Box – Show up as a Leader

Gain credibility as a leader. Become an agent for your own change by showing up as an effective and  empowered leader – find and use your leader voice, leverage your leadership style*, identify and zap your derailers, choose your zone of impact/influence/concern, use the 4D’s, embrace identity-driven behavior. 

Leadership Toolkit – Equip Yourself as a Leader

Identify and fill gaps in your leadership toolkit. Intentionally fill your toolkit with leadership facilitators and remove barriers that weigh you down. Gain tools like networking, the “R” word (resilience), coaching, intentional communication, navigating conflict, productivity, influence without authority, etc.

Leadership Discomfort Zone – Lead Creatively

Explore creativity in leadership to become anti-fragile, rather than resilient, and innovative. Gain confidence and freedom. Tap into your intuition and imagination, opening your mind and broadening your perspective. Shift from reactivity to creativity; expand your thinking and actions. Embrace and spread a culture of learning and innovation; be curious in problem solving and relationship building, increasing team engagement and retention. Lead and live creatively.

equity in leadership - anti-racism, anti-bias 

Work towards equity in the workplace by identifying facilitators and reducing barriers to equity.

Explore mechanisms to actively dismantle intrapersonal, interpersonal, and systemic inequity and bias.

Be an inclusive leader, exploring your lens.

Become comfortable in discomfort as you learn and practice anti-racism, anti-bias, and equity principles

Leadership growth zones

Understand how your comfort zone may hold you back from learning and growth. Learn tools to help you become more comfortable with the discomfort of practicing new behaviors incrementally, in ways that feel safe. Work together to come up with a plan for manageable behavior change.

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