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What clients are saying...

“Pam has helped me self-reflect and modify my inner voice. I have shifted into a more positive paradigm that has transformed multiple aspects of my life - the way I view my problem solving, creativity, and myself. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for all of her help in my journey to becoming my best self.” 

L. Bailey

“I’ve worked with Dr. Maxson both as a university professor and executive coach. Her guidance has been so instrumental for me as a student, businessman, and friend. Dr. Maxson understands people at their deepest levels and lead them to see in themselves and others what may not be immediately visible. She approaches every conversation with such kindness and empathy, allowing for far more open and honest conversations. I’m excited to work with Dr. Maxson for years to come.”

Kyle C 

I can’t tell you enough, or likely be able to explain, how impactful my executive coaching with Pam Maxson has been to me both personally and professionally. I’ve had so many “a ha” moments talking to her during these sessions. I actually wasn’t very excited at the thought of coaching to begin with, but after my first session, I was blown away. Pam has provided me with such depth and understanding of how I can grow as a person and applying what I’ve learned through the sessions has been bringing me more and more joy. I’ve had tough conversations with coworkers lately, but I’ve done so because I felt empowered to use the concepts that I learned with Pam, and even those conversations resulted in establishing better relationships.


“Pam is undoubtedly the best at what she does.  She not only cares about launching you professionally, but shows compassion and empathy for whatever stage of life you are in.  Very few have made the impact on both my personal and professional life as Pam.” 

Ryan Lewis, MSN, RN, FNP-BC

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