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It's time to LEAD

Learn. Empower. Activate. Design.

You are ready.

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It's time

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Stop living your life by default – letting time, energy, and opportunity slip through your fingers. A life characterized by constant burn-out, running on empty, feeling like an imposter, still giving your all because you don’t want to let others down.

Who do you let down when you are constantly saying yes, while you constantly put out fires that pop up like whack-a-mole – being reactive rather than creative in your actions and your thinking?


LEAD yourself out of this place of feeling stuck, suppressing your voice and dreams – of not living the life and career you envision for yourself.

It’s time to equip yourself, to uncover your greatest gifts, to embrace and live your purpose.

Take a chance, make a choice, and be the change you want to make in your career ... and more importantly your life.

Become the leader you are meant to be, leading and living intentionally.

What is LEAD?

LEAD is a 6-month series of 8 90-minutes leadership workshops where you will be equipped as a leader so you can create the life (personal and professional) you want. The series also includes leadership assessments and two executive coaching sessions.

All sessions will be interactive and include both didactic instruction and practical exercises. Leadership is learned by doing. Join the action, take the LEAD, and have some fun!

LEAD will enable you to:

  • Become the leader you are meant to be for greatest personal and professional impact

  • Take identity-driven, rather than emotion-driven, action

  • Grow with a network of peers

  • Stop reacting and start being intentional at work and in life

  • Identify, reduce, and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors

How do I leaD?

Sign up for the series and receive two executive coaching sessions, leadership assessments, 8 workshops and 6 months of support and guidance.


"Pam is undoubtedly the best at what she does. She not only cares about launching you professionally, but shows compassion and empathy for whatever stage of life you are in. Very few have made the impact on both my personal and professional life as Pam.”

Ryan Lewis, MSN, RN, FNP-BC

"Pam gave me the tools to help me recognize my potential and worth. She taught me that only I can define who I am going to be and others should not limit me." 

Julie Paul, CNM, CNP

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